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In this game you are a sword-wielding player against numerous gun-wielding enemies.  You must get up close and strike, in order to initiate combat. 

Combat takes place as a four-column rhythm system.  The precision of your timing affects how you'll do.  Precise timing in the attack column ensures maximum damage dealt, and precision in defence means you stay healthy.

If you die/win the game will reset (winning comes with a short delay to celebrate your victory).



character rotation - mouse,

movement - wasd,

attack - left click

rhythm columns (from left to right) - asdf

Controller (tested with Xbox 360):

character rotation - (can't actually be controlled, but hey... good luck?)

movement - left stick

attack - A

rhythm columns (from left to right) - LT, LB, RB, RT (or in long form):

Left Trigger, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, Right Trigger

Recommendations while playing

This is a rhythm game so sound is important, but do be mindful of the potential volume.


For unknown reasons the AI will not attempt to shoot the player in release versions.


SlashSlashExecution.zip 16 MB
Documentation.pdf 55 kB

Install instructions

Zip folder should contain the neccessary resources to run the game, once un-zipped.

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