Monster Mash

You are searching for the 5th colour. On your quest you will encounter various creatures that have infested the tower and its grounds. Defeat them and you may choose to take their body parts for your own. Good luck, Monster…  And if you fail - things will be different the next time.

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Xbox controller


WASD/Arrow keys

D-pad/Left Joystick





Right Shift/C









Use the D-pad to navigate the world and to navigate menu items (in battle selection is instant).

Use A to confirm menu items.

Use B if the wrong limb was selected in battle.

Press Select when in the world to see your body.  Press Select in battle to toggle on full view of the stats.


As you explore, you'll be forced to fight enemies. If you wish to move forwards it's kill, or be killed. On the annihilation of all enemies the doors will open and if you're lucky you may even receive a healing potion. This potion will fully replenish you ready to face more enemies on the path ahead! What fun you’ll have. Try to survive. I’d hate to waste any more creatures on this.


As the battle begins you will be given 30 seconds to plan your attack.

There are 4 stats:

health   ,    

defence   ,    

attack  ,   

and cooldown  .

Consider each of these as you form your strategy. You will have 6 seconds to make your attacks before your opponent takes a turn, so plan ahead and your life will last far longer. Should your battles be triumphant, you may find a limb to replace one of your own. Now I’m sure you think your limbs are perfectly fine as they are, but hey, maybe you’ll find something you prefer along the way...

Known issues:

Opening stats with select while standing in a boss room (overworld only, combat is fine) will cause the boss to disappear and you cannot continue. DO NOT DO THIS unless you want to restart your run.

It is possible to spawn, trapped, at the start of a floor with no way to continue. We're sorry but restarting the game is the only fix for this.

Some tables look reeeaaaallly messed up. Don't worry. They can't hurt you.


Game Jam hand in 21 MB
Download 21 MB

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