The renowned medical research facility, Harpo Industries, has gone dark. Newspaper intern Carson wants to uncover the reason behind the disaster - but there's only so far he can get on his own. Facility porter Millie has brute strength, inside knowledge and a strong desire to get out of work for the day.

It's a match made in hell.

Swap between the two characters in order to solve environmental puzzles using each character's special skills. Carson can fit into small spaces and Millie can push/pull obstacles.

For best audio experience, please turn the music slider (almost all the way) down in order for SFX and voice to come through clearly.

This game was developed in a week for Game Jobs Live's Game Parade jam in Spring 2021.


MoveWASDLeft Stick

Gameplay note:

It is possible to see the end of all the implemented content, but the end of the game does not have fanfare or notifications. If you're thinking, "Have I done it? Is there anything else?" You probably have done it. But perhaps there are some secrets left.

At the end of a full playthrough you should have:

8 Stashwick reports, 6 letter/notes, and 1 audio log.  Only then have you 100%'d the game.

Known issues/things to watch out for:

If you set the volume levels on the start page they don't save so you have to do it again in the game scene.
Dying on a level other than the one where your checkpoint is (friendly lil' room with a white circle) will break the camera.
One middle floor document is placed a bit too close to a moveable filing cabinet so it's hard to get it to pick the filing cabinet.  Try moving just slightly further to the left of the cabinet until you get it
If you don't turn the music down and keep the SFX channel high it's hard to hear the SFX and the audio log (because the audio log goes to SFX instead of Voice in the mixer. Whoops.)


Project was re-uploaded after deadline in order to make the level completable due to misplaced platforms.  No actual code or systems were changed.  The original, on-time submission is still available as zip.


Download 78 MB
Download 78 MB
Download 142 MB

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